Here we go… Again?


Why have I decided to attempt to start a blog for the 500th time in my life when all other times it’s failed…
Well, because unlike other times, I’m not in it to gain anything other than to see my own journey and development!
Hey, if people read it – wonderful, I’ll pop the kettle on and we can settle down with some caramel digestives to have a natter! If it’s just me around here, that’s also great because well, more tea and biscuits for me then!

Earlier this week I had a minor set back… I got rejected from uni.
Again. This is the 2nd time, or 3rd depending how you look at it and while all my other friends will be graduating this time next year, ready to embark on another chapter of their lives, I’ll be… Well I’m not quite sure at the moment.

While I could very easily fall back into my old ways of been unmotivated and ultimately taken over by crippling anxiety and depression, I have decided that’s not happening, at least not without a good fight first!

So, I am a person who likes a good plan. I like to plan how a conversation goes, even though I can’t possibly guess what the other person may say and very rarely do I get the outcome I have imagined. So when things don’t go my way, I’m going to be honest, I turn into a giant 20 year old kid that kicks the monopoly board off the table, proceeding to storm out the room all because I didn’t win and I should’ve! (It’s never my fault and it’s never fair of course!).
BUT as a newbie in my 20’s era, I have decided to take a more mature approach to life.

Here’s some things I’ve learnt recently;
1. You will ALWAYS have support from the people who love you.
It really doesn’t matter what you want to do with your life (given reason), those who care about you will love and support you through whatever, even if you don’t know what that is yet! Uni? New classes? New jobs? Hobbies? Travelling?

2. It’s okay to try new things and not have an ‘End Goal’.
A lot of people love asking the end question of ‘yeah but where would you like to end up?’ And up until today I thought I had to answer that but after having a conversation, I realised it’s okay to try things out and bounce around a bit before settling, it’s okay to not know the dreaded ‘END GOAL’ and if you do then you’re one of the lucky ones but if not, don’t fret, things fall into place before you know it!

3. I don’t need a ‘proper job’ until I’m in my 30’s!
This one really got me. All my life I thought that success meant doing everything and more before you were 25! Owning a business, properties, a car, having a family, having everything sorted and boxed in your mind ready for the morning of your 25th birthday but after a phone call with one of my sisters recently I realised all I want to do right now is make me happy, enrich my life by learning a language, picking up a pen to write, trying new foods and maybe even learn to paint, knit or cook on the way.

And last but not least;

4. The biggest pressure I have, I put on myself.
Little bit self explanatory but we are our own worst enemies and it’s time we became best friends.

That’s what this decade is going to be about.

So, I hope you want to join me once in a while as I try tumbling through my 20’s.

I really do need to learn how to cook though…

“Nothing ever happens how you imagine it will.”
– John Green


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