BirchBox #1 – ‘Hero’s’September 2016 

So I may have cancelled my gym membership to get a BirchBox subscription… oops :’) but unfortunately for my body, I’m not that sorry about it!  This was the first one I got and ‘Oh my’ I have loved trying everything out this month!!

Let’s start with just the box itself. Before the BirchBox came with a material drawstring bag with all your goodies inside but I’m absolutely loving the drawer design instead. It’s incredibly cute!

Now for what’s in it…

ModelCo Highlighting Trio (full size)

I’m going to be honest that I was very surprised with this product! The first time I used it, I think I went a little over the top and my contour did come out a little dark, however during the month this has become my staple!! The champagne highlight is amazing and really brightens up my look and just adds a little dewy glow, which I’m not usually used to. All in all, I’m very impressed, however I’d love an even bigger size for a retail price of £14.

Batiste (Stylist Oomph My Locks XXL Volume Spray | RRP £4.29)

One of my personal essentials for my hair is dry shampoo. I can’t go a week without it, washing my hair every day or even every other day is hassle and every other ‘lazy girl’ will probably agree! I’ve used all of this product up because, not only does it work as a dry shampoo but it also gives that 3 day dirty, unwashed hair a little bit of a lift, and it smells amazing!! The only issue I have with this product, which I have with almost every dry shampoo I’ve tried, is the way it makes your hair/scalp feel. However I would   100% buy this product again in full size!

This Works (In Transit Camera Close Up | RRP £30)

This is a miracle product. Not only is it a face mask, but a moisturiser and primer too! All which I value and it saves so much time and money to have it all in one than buy 3 different products. The biggest thing I loved about this product is the way it feels, it slides on smoothly and I’ve noticed that it does help my make up to stay on for longer throughout the day. It also has the very important SPF 30, which is highly underrated, especially in the rainy U.K.! Again, I would definitely buy this product in full size and have completely used it all!

NUXE (Prodigieux Shower Oil | RRP £10)

Maybe the least product of this month that I’ve used so far. I’ve used it once and it smells amazing however I didn’t feel my skin being any smoother, maybe that’s because I only used it the one time so I will definitely be investigating it further and continue using the sample size but for now it’s not a product I would go out and buy for myself.

PURISKIN (Nurse Aid Cream for Hands & Nails | RRP £12.99

You know when you never realised how much you’ve needed something in your life before?  This cream is it for me! Never have my hands felt so hydrated and I think my nails may love me a little bit more now I actually pamper them a little bit. It’s something I will definitely buy my mum, as she is always after new hand creams (and that’s how you know it’s a good product!)

All in all the first BirchBox I’ve received has been wonderful and not let me down at all! I’m looking forward to getting this little box of happiness every month and especially being able to review them all!

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