Things I would like to incorporate in my life while in my 20’s… 

1. Take the time out to stretch!

– I’ve always wanted to be able to do the splits, so decided that while in my 20’s I NEED to take time out of my day to prioritise my body and get a little bit more flexible – my body will thank me later in life! 


– Something I’ve already kind of started but need to get better at is MEAL PLANNING!! At first I thought only people who gym constantly or families should do this but actually in it’s second week I’ve found that it’s great! I never feel the need to wonder what I’m going to eat because I’ve already written it down and it saves so much TIME!! I get all my shopping done on a Monday evening and I’m set for the week ahead! 

3. Journalling 
– I used to love writing down my thoughts of the day or even little quotes but growing up, getting a job, being in a relationship, I’ve found I just ‘run out of time’ and in the age of technology, I don’t feel the need to write that quote down when I can just reblog it on Tumblr or pin it on Pinterest! However I feel like at the end of a busy day or even a week, just taking the time to relax and write, is therapeutic and essential for my mental health and self love, so it’s something I should definitely learn to prioritise in the next 10 years!

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