BirchBox #3 – TATLER (November 2016)

I am definitely not regretting the decision to quit the gym because of these products!! I’m in love!! 😍 


Let’s start with a product I must admit I doubted at first but have loved every second of wearing… 

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Primer | RRP £15 

Not only does this product make my lips feel great and hydrated but it actually works!! Just a small dab on, let settle and swipe on your favourite lipstick and it LASTS!! Noticeably lasts! At first it’s a little tacky but once you put on the lipstick over the top, it dries just like normal! Apart from the steep price (although I haven’t seen this before – so maybe that’s reasonable!) I love this!!


EcoTOOLS                                blending & bronzing brush | RRP £9.99 

To get a full sized brush was EXACTLY what I’ve needed recently!! Although I don’t tend to use loads of brushes, so I can’t comment on how much ‘better’ this is than the others but it’s soft… so yeah… although the price is wonderful to some others that I’ve seen around! 

NUXE                                               Crème Prodigieuse | RRP £21

Another much needed skin product, which is great! It smells nice but yeah, it is a generic skin cream… 

Beauty Protector                        Protect & Detangle | RRP £18.50

This. Smells. Great. I sprayed it in my hair upstairs at my boyfriends house and his mum smelt it downstairs and said it was lovely!! So BONUS!! And it works, my hair is able to be combed through while it’s wet and styled properly!! The packaging is the cutest though! But at £18.50, I think I’d take a pass at buying a full bottle! 

Marcelle                                              BB  Cream Golden Glow Illuminator | RRP £25.50

The only product I really haven’t liked that I’ve gotten from all 3 boxes so far. Maybe that’s because it doesn’t really match my skin and I end up looking like a patchy pre-teen again (reliving my year 8 days is NOT okay!)! But I’ve never really understood the hype about any BB creams but this one certainly did not give me a ‘8 hour sleep glow’ 😟 with a steep price as well, this isn’t worth it for me.

And that’s all for this month’s box! I’m really looking forward to December’s and I love writing these little reviews! I will never claim I am a ‘beauty blogger’, a professional makeup artist or know what I’m talking about at all! But I am interested in skin care and makeup and love sharing my experiences with people, so don’t take my word as gospel – go try things for yourself!! 

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