BirchBox #4 ~ PAPIER (February 2017)

So I may have missed a couple of boxes out… but here’s February’s box for 2017!

Here’s all the goodies for February!!
My initial reaction is I love the box, the green leafy vibe is my favourite.

Spectrum Collections (FULL SIZE)
Marbleous CO6 Tulip Eye Contour Brush |
RRP £5.99

This brush is so SOFT! I wish I had more makeup applying talent to be able to fully utilise this brush because I could not for the life in me get enough control to be able to apply a colour in the crease and inner lid! If anyone is willing to each me… I’d LOVE to learn how to do makeup, but especially eye makeup.
I can’t really review this fairly however it is very pretty and I can’t wait to gain more artistic ability 🙂


POP Beauty
Bright Up Your Life Eyeshadow Trio in Champagne Mocha | 
RRP £15.50

These are my favourite colours in an every day pallet! I’m not usually a big eyeshadow-wearer, however I have worn these quite a lot, especially the first couple of lighter shades. They do have a slight shimmer on them and I would like to try something more matt, however I have very limited talents when it comes to makeup so maybe I’ll just settle for this for now, however if anyone has any matt eye shadow pallets that they would recommend, please do!


Beaver Professional
Daily Moisture Conditioning Spray | 
RRP £21


Huile Prodigieuse | 
RRP £17

This product states that you can use it on your hair or your face so I tried both! 🙂 I personally feel that it’s too oily to go onto my skin, it really didn’t feel too great since I’m used to putting creams on or serums that are a little thicker than this! I did also try it on the ends of my hair a few times and got a bit panicked that I had put too much on that it looked wet but after a while my hair went soft, with a  lovely little sheen! I have no clue what else it did to my hair but I’m not complaining about it 😂

Hydration Mask Therapy | 
RRP £29 for 6
(usually £66)

So I tried this sheetmask one night after a particularly stressful day and just needed a bit of TLC. I don’t know whether it’s my super sensitive skin or the fact it’s a new product that I’ve not tried before but it made me break out and I wanted so much to love it! I hardly ever get spots, only when I’m stressed (given, I was that day) but never where or the amount I got the day after having this on my face for 25 minutes – as instructed! I don’t know, maybe it was too oily for me or something  and it smelt great but I won’t be trying this again and it’s kind of scared me trying any kind of sheet masks if that’s how my skin is going to respond!

and a little added extra, because I absolutely LOVE quotes…


All in all, I really enjoyed this months box but honestly, it wasn’t my favourite!
I definitely have missed the usual skincare things this month, especially with it being February!
I’ve been considering maybe subscribing for My Little Box as well or instead of BirchBox, although I’m not 100% decided! If anyone has any recommendations for any other makeup/skincare or just any subscription box please do leave a comment!


  1. Looks a lovely box, I sometimes find that there is a lot of really good products and the box is a complete hit, and other times it seems a bit of a miss. I do think they are good value but they dont always work out. I want to resubscribe to one, be can’t decide which one! X


  2. Spectrum brushes are a great brand so definitely a good tool to start your makeup brush collection! For a matte palette I’d definitely recommend a naked basics palette from Urban Decay. They’re about £20 and they’ve got the main mattes you’ll ever need! I swear by mine.

    Love the design of the box but I always was left a bit deflated after my BB deliveries as everyone seemed to have better boxes than me! Great review xxx


  3. I haven’t been tempted to subscribe to Birchbox for Bloody ages and it’s been almost 2 years I think since I last had one! This one is so tempting to me, I’ve seen so many nice things in this months box, that POP shadow looks great, as does the conditioning spray, but I don’t like that Birchbox seems to have so many product variations for each box, I always felt like I drew the short straw and other people always had the items I wanted!


  4. Hi Jessie!
    Loved reading this blog post and I LOVE makeup! That brush really does look sooooo soft! 😍
    I must keep a lookout for that brand as I’ve never even heard of it before!


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