Recent Purchases from Sales!

So if you know me, you know that I don’t particularly like shopping for clothes, let alone shoes. I get easily bored and distracted and once I’ve tried on a couple of things that don’t fit and seen my washed out face (even when I feel like I did pro makeup that day) one too many times, my self-esteem takes a massive drop and I turn grumpy. And irritated. Which is a bag full of joy for everyone around!

So I was very surprised that , this was the first shopping trip I’ve actually enjoyed for a while.

I ended up just popping into New Look on Saturday with my boyfriend, under his suggestion since I needed to pick up a couple of things for an event on Monday evening. It’s actually quite useful to be with someone who used to work in Topshop, so I can ask for his opinion or just simply to style me for a day, which comes in way more handy than I thought it would.

The first thing I found were these shoes!
Now I don’t tend to be a person who walks into a shop, picks something up and buys it then and there. I tend to be the person who takes my time trying everything on over and over again in different sizes and colours just to make sure I’m 100% positive I want to spend money on it. This is especially the case with shoes!

But these, I just picked up in a size 3 (tiny feet, I know) and decided I was going to buy them.
Especially when I asked Ben to price check them for me and they came back at £6.40 in the sale!

After wearing them for a couple of hours on Monday, they are lovely, maybe a little bit higher than I’m used to and they did get a little painful nearer the end of the night but I think that’s down to me not being used to wearing this height of heel.
I’ll be wearing them again on Saturday night so hopefully I’ll be able to last the night without being the girl who ends up carrying her heels around with her…

Another recent purchase that I pretty much fell in love with was this black dress, again from New dress wasn’t in the sale and with student discount was £25 but it was worth it! It’s a velvet dress that kind of wraps around and has quite a low neck line so I paired it with an under top, just to make sure nothing was popping out in places I didn’t want it to be. I’m not one to wear anything that shows any cleavage, which is just my personal preference for myself but if I was just having a date night and decided to dress up, it isn’t too low cut.
It’s definitely going to be my new Little Black Dress.

One of the items I fell in love with as soon as I saw it was this coat from New Look (it’s a wonderful place for sales!). I can’t remember the original price but I paid £18.
It’s perfect. I’ve never had a long coat before and usually stick to blacks or greys but as soon as I saw it – I had to have it! It fits perfectly and just adds a little colour that I don’t normally wear.


Now for makeup!
For the longest time I’ve needed some more foundation but wasn’t sure which one to get but on the advice of Adrianne (My go to makeup adviser), she raved about the L’oreal Infallible foundation, along with (this may be a bit odd), Nivea men’s post shave balm.
Together, she insisted were wonderful and meant I don’t have to splash out money on high end products that do the same thing!

foundationShe insisted that the post shave balm works like a primer and gets rid of creases and keeps makeup on for longer! Along with the foundation, she assured me it was the perfect match.

I’ve only worn them both for a couple of days but so far, I agree with her and have noticed a difference in how long my makeup stays put.

Check me out, doing a makeup and fashion post! I am in no way a professional or know what I am on about but it’s something that I do enjoy so I thought, let’s go for it!

What’s your go to product at the moment? Or something you’ve brought that you’ve loved or caught in a sale?


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