Journey Home

With the sky as clear as glass, I dipped my toes into the water and slowly became immersed in this warm silk like world.
It was tranquil,
the soft movement of the waves lulling me,
soothing me as I dived between them.

As my face broke the surface, instead of being bathed in sunlight a large water droplet landed straight on my head.
One after the other,
One after the other,
One after the other,
Not being able to tell which way up the water was and where.

Plunged into the unknown, the waves surrounding me pushed and pulled me as though I was the ragdoll of a jealous toddler.
The light went out.
Muffles of memories. Past and present and                    and                         .
and kicking,
and kicking.
I was a paper doll, torn up and soggy.

I was a glass bird, shattered and no longer of use.
The current spun me around and around, twisting me upside down, until….
Just above the surface there was a light, a brilliant glowing light, yet the more I paddled, the further away I got, so I stopped.

Drifting along, I felt a breeze on my face. Only a little way to go now,
100 metres………………..
64 metres…………
38 metres……
11 metres….
3 metres…
1 metre.

Soft sand proper up my feet as I waded on to the shore.
Curled up in the shallows, I was broken.
Scooped up into a towel, as if I was a bird with a broken wing, I was nursed.
Eyes clouded with tears.
The warmth of a fire.
The crackling of the flames.
A sweet smell of cinnamon.

Peering out of an eyelid…
‘Shhh, You’re home now, go back to sleep.’

Like a restless toddler, fighting sleep, lifting my head a little,
I look straight into my Father’s eyes.

written by Jessica Bailey (2016)

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