Own Your Decision.

On Wednesday, I went to a university interview in the next city over from me, for a course that is only ran at that university. I thought it went well, don’t get me wrong and everyone there was lovely. The course itself is great! However I feel like it just confused me a bit more with what I wanted to do, something didn’t quite sit right with me and I like to go with my instincts with things like this.

I met up with my sisters in the evening for some food and told them about my audition and everything I had been thinking about all day. Then my oldest sister said something that, at the time, I didn’t like. ‘You’ve got to own your decision.’

I HATE making decisions, even about where to go for food. I hate the pressure or the responsibility of picking a place that someone doesn’t really want to go to and they are just being polite or that ends in disaster for whatever reason. Which I know is silly but the problem is 2 things, which I’m sure everyone can identify with, which are;
1. I’m a people pleaser.
2. I never want to be or do wrong/make a mistake.

Both of which are ridiculous because the decision to go to university and what to study can’t be about anyone else but me and I’m going to make mistakes in my life so if I spend all of it worrying, I’ll never fully live. Which, in my opinion, is absolutely terrifying. Making mistakes shows growth (like all things, within reason of course).

After taking some time to think about it I’ve made a decision that feels right and will stick with it, without doubting myself or letting others people’s opinions sway me.
If, later in life, I feel I made a mistake then I will have learnt from it and if I’m not happy, I’ll change it but for now I have decided to take on the phrase I didn’t like very much.

‘Own your decision.’

Credit given to both my sisters.
Thank you for constantly supporting me in whatever path I take and always having my back.


  1. Your sisters are right – and whatever you deciede to do (in any situation) – you’ll learn either way. I used to be worried about making decisions but I think as long as you act with best interests at heart then there’s nothing else to it.



  2. Uni can be the hardest decisions ever, it can be such a scary world, but look at what makes you happy, and keep going one day at a time, people will always be proud of you no matter whether you go or not, its a hard choice and for someone who hasn’t actually used my degree since I left uni 3 years ago, it seems crazy, but I adored my course and it got me where I want to be today! Wishing you the best of luck!

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  3. I found making a decision about university so difficult but your sisters are right, you have to go with what feels right to you not other people! I chose to stay at home and it was the best decision I’ve made! It meant I saved money and could still study at an amazing university! I graduate this summer and I’ve never looked back! Congratulations on making a decision! Molly xx

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    1. I’m staying at home for that exact reason! Especially because the degree I’m going to be studying includes lots of placements, which may make working quite difficult for a couple of months every year!! 😳 it’s really encouraging to know that someone has made a similar decision to me and it’s turned out well! Xx

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  4. I totally agree I’m such a people pleaser i hate deciding where to go for food in case its wrong! Best of luck with uni! Xx


  5. I chose to study a course, which if I’m honest, wasn’t really what I wanted to do. The decision to drop out of uni 18 months later was definitely my own choice, but I often wonder how things could have been different. Even if you question the choices you made in the future, at least you’ll know you did what was right for you at the time. All the best!

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    1. Definitely agree with you there!
      Even if it turns out to be the ‘wrong’ choice then it’s not like it can’t be corrected later and it’s given you an experience and still taught you something about yourself (even if that’s just ‘I hate travelling really long distances for a 1 hour lecture’ 😂
      Thank you 💕

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