Let’s Stop Trying To Be Perfect

Earlier today I was watching something, I can’t remember what, but they said that they think this Instagram perfect thing is going to take a nosedive any day now because it’s time to be more authentic with one another and I COULDN’T AGREE MORE.

I love Kylie Jenner’s Insta feed as much as the next person. The glamour. The perfect makeup and shots of her impossible to achieve physique. Go girl, I’m here for it all.
But it’s not the average person’s reality. Where’s the post of her eating pizza on her own on a Saturday night? Or the crazy bad hair day that’s just too funny to not share? Or the days where she’s not got that much going on?

Do you know who else’s Insta I love? Carrie Hope Fletcher’s. And not just because she’s an amazingly talented actor and singer/songwriter and author but because she’s Real. With a capital R. She recently posted a photo of her in a bikini, bearing all and instead of defined abs, there I saw something I recognised as my own. I saw the curves just before my hips. I saw my soft tummy. I saw my thicker thighs. I saw my rounder face. And I smiled. It made me feel good about myself and my body because it was REAL. She also posts about bad days in between the good, with amazing captions about mental health and self-care.

I’m not saying we all have to be 100% honest on our social medias, maybe that’s not for everyone and if having this picture perfect instagram theme is your thing. I’m probably stalking it and LIVING for it and support you 100%.

But for me, I want to choose to be unapologetically, authentically me.
Sometimes that may be that I want to put up a photo that’s been edited and taken 20 attempts to take, others I want it to be rough, raw and real.

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