2020 – The Year of Authenticity

This is the year I learn to be authentically and unapologetically me.

It will look like taking days to myself.

Nights of immersing myself in moments, being surrounded by others.

It will look like saying ‘I love you,’

I don’t know what’s happening”

and ‘this is no longer serving me.’

It will look like fireworks through tears and messy conversations.

It will look like copious amounts of tea and tequila cocktails.

It will be the year I own being a walking contradiction,

where nothing is
off-limits and change will be embraced in an instant. 

It will be the year I audition for different roles in life.

There will be people I become that I never knew I needed or wanted to be.

There will be places and moments I could never have dreamt up.

There will be goals I reach and others that I scrap.

I will laugh and cry and dance on many tables on the way.

I will look back fondly,

But only move forwards,

Being more courageous,

More bold,

More loving,

And stronger,

Than ever before.

2020, the door is open for you.

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