Dear Future Jess…

I thought I’d write a little something before you get on the plane, before the days where you’re tired or homesick and wonder why you’re doing this.

You’ve always wanted more. You’ve wanted an interesting and extraordinary life ever since you could remember and that means coming out of your comfort zone. It means trying new things and being open to new or different experiences. It means getting lost, speaking in languages you don’t completely understand, feeling a bit lonely sometimes, falling in love with people, places and moments you won’t be in again. It means finding new favourite foods and smells and getting a little too tipsy in your new favourite bar with strangers that become friends.

Stay as present as much as possible. Soak up every moment – the ‘I can’t believe this is my life’ highs and the ‘I just want my mum and a proper cup of tea’ lows. All of them will impact and shape who you are going to become. Be grateful for them all.

Remember that home is always just a FaceTime or call away – so use it. Tell people when you’re homesick or make time for virtual brunches with your best friends but also remember you can make anywhere your home.

Take every and any opportunity that even mildly interests you, whether it’s travelling to a new place you’ve never even heard of or taking up a hobby you never thought you’d like. You’re going for the experiences, so make the memories.

There’s a reason why you end up where you end up, with who you end up being around, even if you can’t see it sometimes. Be your authentic self and you’ll always find your people.

But most importantly, trust yourself.
You’ve got this.

Now, chin up and GO EXPLORE THE WORLD!

“I’ve been still for too long. I feel restless. I need to go try new things, meet new people, eat different food, and wake up to new sights and sounds. It’s time to go; my heart is being called by the stars.” – Unknown.


  1. I known it will be a bit strange being away from home And being in a strange country but we ( me dad and your sisters ) are only a phone call face time away
    Enjoy every day me and your dad are so proud of the beautiful woman you have become we will miss you as much as you will miss us love you always and forever ❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋

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